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We reserve the right to edit or delete content on this site for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, content deemed obscene, illegal, immoral, sexually explicit, or anything deemed not family friendly, as well as political content or content promotional for competing websites.
More specifically, items whose sale is restricted in some way are not allowed, including non pet-related items.
Further, you agree to NOT:

  •  Place multiple ads for the same item
  •   Knowingly place ads into the wrong category
  •   Post ads in a used goods for sale category for anything except an item for sale - no exceptions
  •   Post the same item in such a way as to monopolize the Latest Ads list
  •   Post inappropriate, offensive or illegal content
  •   Post copyrighted content (i.e. photos) unless you have the copyright owner's permission
  •   Post links in your ad to affiliate programs
  •   Post links in your ad to lists of other items for sale
  •   Post ads on this site if your usual country of residence is not CANADA.
  •   Post ads for goods you know to have been stolen
  •   Fill in the email address field with a bogus email address
  •   Send a message to a seller for any reason other than expressing genuine interest in purchasing their ad or service (no profanities, no put downs)

Postings by minors is not allowed; minors must have their guardian post the content on their behalf and the guardian must act as the primary contact.
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Changes to the Terms of Use may happen from time to time. Significant changes will be noted on the home page.