Privacy Policy

The only private information collected by is the email address and your IP (Internet Protocol) address. The phone number, postal or zip code, and any information placed in the body of an ad is not considered to be private information. If this other information is considered to be private by you, please do not provide it. may from time to time use your email address to send communication to you about this website. will not sell or rent or knowingly reveal your email address to parties outside of records your IP address for use with anti-abuse measures. Your IP address will not be knowingly revealed to parties outside of will take every reasonable measure to protect your private information. However, due to the nature of the Internet it is possible that that information will be stolen, either after your ad is placed or in transit while your ad is being placed. does not guarantee that your private information will never be stolen.
Our servers are located in the Canada. Therefore by providing the private information to us you are consenting to its storage in Canada.
Changes to the Privacy Policy may happen from time to time. Significant changes will be noted on the home page. Only information that you provide after the changes will be affected by them.